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Bandelete colesterol Accutrend Plus
Bandelete glicemie Accutrend Plus
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Timpanometru-impedantmetru TSM 300 cu imprimanta
Specificatii tehnice:

Presiune aer de la -300 la +200daPa

Test reflex Ipsilateral

5 frecvente:0,5kHz,1kHz,2kHz,3kHz,4Khz
Abonare Dezabonare

Microscop MC300 binocular

Microscop MC300 binocular

MCX300 Main body 220V with 6V30W for 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz.
Quintuple reverse angle revolving nosepiece.
Sturdy, 300 x 295 mm base with supportive rubber feet.
With low position coaxial coarse and claibrated fine focus control, with graduation reading 2 microns per division.
Total focusing range 40 mm. Incorporates tension adjustment and safety autofocus stop unit. Condenser adjustable.
Built-in Power supply, halogen bulb adjustable.
Double layer specimen stage with right handed mechanical stage.
Dust cover, blue filter, immersion oil, spare bulb and instruction manual.
Compensation binocular head for INFINITIVE optic, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 55 – 75 mm
Eyepiece WF 10x/20 Widefield
Objective ICO PLAN 4x/0.10
Objective ICO PLAN 10x/0.25
Objective ICO PLAN 40x/0.65, spring loaded
Objective ICO PLAN 100x/1.25, oil, spring loaded,
"Abbé Brightfield condenser, n.A. 1.25,
with integrated iris diaphragm and filter tray"
"Field Iris Diaphragm, collector system
and auxiliary lens for Koehler Illumination"
  6.617,47 RON (TVA inc)
5.560,90 RON (fara TVA)